Biloxi Registration Agreement

Spring Biloxi, MS Auction Position Request
Returning to Biloxi, MS-April 21-22, 2023, Vicari Auction will come together with the Mississippi Coast Coliseum and Convention Center to be part of the 30th Annual Crawfish Festival. Vicari Auction will host a collector car auction April 21 & 22, 2023. 400 collector cars are expected to cross the auction block during the Friday and Saturday auction.

Contact Information

Please read the complete Terms & Conditions of the sale provided. Keep a copy of this agreement for your records. If you have any questions call Vicari Auction at (504) 264-2277 or email
1. Entry Fee
2. Copy of Front and Back of Title (Name must match this consignment form/Checks to Legal Titled Owner(s) no exceptions).
3. Pictures of vehicle (see photo guide).
(attach Dealer License copy with registration)
(we will NOT send to a P.O. Box)

Vehicle Information:

High Quality photos are required at time of position request for primetime and feature automobiles to secure those spots, we cannot guarantee these spots without a photo. Please submit photos for all known vehicles (please review photo guide attached). All vehicle changes will charged a $100 fee.
Title brandings are listed on the front of the title and may read: Salvage, Rebuilt, Reassembled, Flood, Lemon, etc. If none, write \”none\” or if not certain, write \”not sure.\”
If the VIN is not verified, the car cannot be sold. Title must be assigned in the Seller’s name. Dealers must have title reassignment attached with the title.
Including commission, if none write NONE.
I have verified my Title matches my vehicles VIN and further understand and agree that vehicles with non-matching Titles/VIN\’s will not be entered into the auction and that no entry fees will be refunded. Furthermore, I have read the auction terms and conditions and agree and understand them in full.
Sellers who wish to declare their vehicles as \”Numbers Matching\” must sign below. If you are not declaring numbers matching, please proceed to next section.

I have declared that the vehicle I am selling is a \”Numbers Matching\” vehicle. I attest to the fact that I have personally inspected the numbers on the vehicle and confirm their accuracy. I understand that the generally accepted definition of the term \”numbers matching\” in the collector car market and for this transaction apply to:

1. Engine casting numbers
2. Engine casting dates
3. Engine assembly codes
4. Engine and VIN/serial derivatives

All must be present in a manner consistent with the year, make and model of the vehicle. Further, I understand that the Vehicle Identification Number in some instances identifies a specific model or option, and that the VIN of this vehicle is correct for the model and options represented. Any and all remaining numbers on the vehicle may not be applicable to this transaction or meeting the term \”numbers matching.\”

I further understand that should the vehicle be sold and found to not have matching numbers, as determined by the buyer and auction company, that the auction company has the right to void the sale, and that I will be responsible for all fees incurred for the sale of the vehicle, to include but not limited to entry fees and all buyer and seller commissions and fees due the auction company. I will further be bound by any and all seller agreements associated with this transaction, and understand that by representing the vehicle as having \”numbers matching\” that I offer a guarantee that may supercede the \”As Is\” terms of the sale.
I have read the Declaration above and wish to declare my vehicle as numbers matching.

Auction Schedule/Uploads/Credit Information

Gates Open Daily – 8:30 a.m.
Collectibles – 10:00 a.m.
Vehicles – 11:00 a.m.
End Times vary
*Note – Feature cars will be “featured” every 10 minutes from noon – 3:10 p.m.
Express/Pre-Registration: 4/14/23
On-Site Registration Begins: 4/21/23
With Reserve: 10%
No Reserve: 6%
All Memorabilia: 20%
No Reruns
No Reruns
*Feature Cars Run Time will vary and are not in sequential order.
*Auction Position(s) will not be confirmed until payment(s) are received.
*Seller payments are mailed within 10 Business Days of the auction.
Excepted file types (high resolution): jpeg, pdf, eps, tiff and Zip files (maximum size of 25mb only), or you may send your images to Please read the photo guidelines on our Sell a Car section: guidelines.
Please provide payment for your lot entry fee. One of our representatives will call you once payment has been processed.
00/00 month/year