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*Note: When purchasing a vehicle, checks must be drawn from the US bank account specified in the bank letter of guaranty (see sample letter). If your bank will not process the letter of guaranty, an alternate letter can be used (see sample letter). If funds are not coming from a US bank, a wire transfer must be used. (There is a $50 fee for a wire transfer.)

Bidding (Buying)

1. Read and understand the Bidder Registration form. It is a legally binding agreement. All purchases are “As Is Where Is” with all defaults and defects. The auction company does not warrant or guaranty any vehicle or property and all descriptions come directly from the seller. Buyer act solely on their own judgment when bidding.

2. All bidders must meet the requirements of the auction to participate as a Bidder. Vicari Auction does not accept bids from unregistered bidders. Complete the online Bidder registration form or print the Bidder registration both links are at bottom of page.

3. Submit a copy of your driver’s license by email to the Vicari Auction office by email, fax or mail along with your registration fee and indicate your approved payment method. Dealer’s must submit a copy of their current dealer license with their registration.

4. Bidders must register at each auction. If registering with a credit card deposit an additional $25 processing fee will be charged in addition to the regular bidder registration fee. Please note that vehicles cannot be paid for on a credit card. The deposit will be refunded to your credit card company under normal circumstance at the conclusion of the auction with the exception of a default in the terms and conditions of the sale occurring by the bidder. The credit card deposit will be 10% of the requested bid limit, but at no time less than $2,000.

5. Buyer’s paying for purchases in cash will be authorized a bidding limit for the auction based on their cash deposit. The minimum cash deposit is $2,000 authorizing up to a $20,000 purchase. Higher bidding limits require a 10% deposit based on the value of the bidding limit requested. For example a $100,000 credit limit requires a $10,000 deposit. Unused funds will be returned the bidder when he or she turns in their badge or applied to the purchase of vehicle at the auction.

6. If your completed required documents are received prior to the pre-registration deadline a bidder packet will be ready for you upon your arrival at the bidder registration desk in the auction office. If you bidder package is missing your driver’s license, registration fee, applicable dealer license or approved payment method please have the missing document ready for the bidder registration assistant.

7. A bidder badge will be assigned to the successful registered bidder. The bidder is responsible for all bids using the bidder number during the auction. If you lose or misplace your bidder badge notify the auction office immediately. The bidder may return his badge to the auction office at the conclusion of the sale to receive their deposit return if applicable.

8. To bid on a vehicle indicate to one of the Vicari Ringmen or the auctioneer that you would like to bid. The auctioneer will be asking for a specific price. You may either accept his bidding increment or indicate to the Vicari Ringman that you would bid another amount. The auction bidding process is fast so, do not wait to bid or you may miss your opportunity!

9. When purchasing a vehicle, checks must be drawn from the US bank account specified in the bank letter of guaranty (see sample letter). If funds are not coming from a US bank, a wire transfer must be used. (There is a $50 fee for a wire transfer.)

10. Upon a winning bid a buyer premium will be automatically added to the final price (hammer price). The buyer premium is posted in the auction office and on the bidder badge.

11. Sales Tax is governed by the state in which the auction is conducted and may be collected at time of payment.

12. Payment is required within one hour of purchase unless other terms have been pre-arranged.

13. After the buyer has paid for their vehicle in the auction office, Vicari Auction will issue a gate pass for removal of the vehicle or property from the premises. If a transporter will be picking up your vehicle, please notify the office and give your gate release to the transporter/driver.

14. All vehicles must be removed from the auction facility by 12:00 PM (noon) the day following the auction. Vehicles not removed may at Vicari Auction’s discretion may be placed in storage at the expense of the owner.

Auction Process Summary:

1. Arrange for your vehicle to be at the auction at the specified check-in dates and times. The owner or owner’s legal agent must be present to check-in the vehicle upon arrival. Please see entry rules for further description of owner agent and unattended vehicles.

2. Upon arrival, bring your vehicle and title to the security check point. If you have qualified for Express Check-In your documents will be waiting for you with security. A vehicle VIN Inspection will be conducted prior to your admittance.

3. (Skip this step if pre-registered) If you partially registered or need to register a vehicle after the pre-registration deadline, bring your vehicle to the security check point for a VIN Inspection. Security will provide you with a VIN Verification Form to give to the auction cashier when you come to the auction office. After you have turned over your title and completed the vehicle registration process the cashier will give you your check-in paperwork.

4. After your vehicle has passed the VIN Inspection and you have completed the final paperwork work, your vehicle will be parked in the public display area.

5. If you have vehicle documentation with you, Do Not leave it in your car. Visit our office or hold onto the document until the vehicle sells and bring the documents to the auction office so that Vicari Auction can document the transfer to the new owner.

6. Vicari Auction will supply driver’s for your vehicle. You may request to drive your own vehicle across the block by notifying security prior to the auction. Vehicles deemed unsafe to drive by Vicari staff will require the owner to drive across the block. Please see entry rules for further information.

7. Identify yourself as the owner prior to your car crossing the auction block. A Vicari Representative will be accessible to you during the process and may ask you to answer more questions about your vehicle for bidders.

8. When your vehicle sells, you are finished. A check will be mailed to you within 10 business days of the end of the auction to the physical address you supplied on your auction position request.

9. If your vehicle does not sell on the auction block our post sale representative will continue to answer questions about your car to bidders and make an effort to sell your vehicle. We suggest leaving your vehicle on site until the end of the auction, but we will return your title when you are ready to remove the vehicle from the display area.

Absentee Bidding

All absentee bidders must complete the Absentee Bidder Form and Bidders Registration Form along with, submit all required documents before Absentee Bid will be taken into account. All Absentee Bid request must be turned in 48 hours prior to auction.

Entry Rules:

1. Auction positions will not be confirmed until entry fee is paid. Unpaid entries will be eligible for cancellation without notice at the discretion of Vicari Auction.

2. Auction positions are assigned within value limits on a first come, first serve basis. However, Vicari Auction reserves the right to alter the placement of sale vehicles at its discretion. Auction run times are estimates only and are not guaranteed.

3. Vicari Auction will do their best to serve our customers needs. However, customers who are unable to announce what car they are entering into the sale will not be eligible for “prime time” or “feature” entries.

4. Customers with “primetime” or “feature” entries will not be eligible to change cars once the car is declared. If the approved vehicle is not brought to the sale, your auction position is subject to change at the discretion of Vicari Auction.

5. Sellers may have a representative check-in the vehicle only when the seller has provided his or her representative with a notarized power of attorney to do so, or if the representative has a salesman license registered to the consigning dealer. A copy of the salesman license will be required if acting as an agent.

6. Vicari Auction will not be held responsible for any unattended vehicles. Vehicles will not be checked into the public display area until the owner or the owner’s legal agent is present for the final check-in process. A legal agent is to be known as a representative with a notarized power of attorney whom can legally sign documents for the owner or a registered salesman of the dealership with a copy of his or her salesman license.

7. Vehicles with liens must be pre-approved by the auction office and in all cases must be accompanied by a letter from the lien holder stating the lien release conditions and the current payoff.

8. Vicari Auction will have security on site for the auction but will not be held responsible for any liabilities, including, but not limited to lost, stolen or damaged properties.

9. Payment to sellers will come from Vicari Auction and will be mailed within 10 Business Days of the end of the auction or as posted in the auction office. Vicari Auction will not release vehicles without payment confirmation.

10. Checks and titles will be mailed to the physical address provided on the auction position request form. Neither checks nor titles will be mailed to a PO Box. In the event your documents are returned to Vicari Auction due to an improperly supplied or incorrect address, a fee may be assessed equal to the cost incurred by Vicari Auction to remail said documents.

11. Wire transfers are available for seller proceeds, a $50 processing fee will be charged to complete the transaction.

12. Titles will be registered only in the registered bidders name. If you are a registered bidder, do not buy a car for another person. In the event this does happen, notify the auction office immediately. The unregistered bidder must pay the full bidder registration fee and an additional $100 processing fee will be charged by Vicari Auction. The original bidder may be held legally responsible for the commissions of the vehicle in the event of default by either party.

13. Vicari Auction shall be entitled to any and all fees and commissions in the event of default by the buyer or seller, by the defaulting party.

14. Vicari Auction is entitled to its commissions on any vehicle sold up to 30 days after the conclusion of the auction.

15. All vehicles sold on the auction premises are due full commissions to Vicari Auction. Buyer or Sellers who buy/sell on site with the intent of cutting the auction company out of the sale is a violation of the terms and conditions of the buyer/seller agreements and the registered buyer and or seller will be held liable for the full commission of both parties. Violators, at the discretion of Vicari Auction, may be removed from the auction and banned from participating in future auctions.

16. By participating in the auction buyer and seller agree to abide by the aforementioned rules in addition to the full terms & conditions.


Terms & Conditions

I agree with the Terms & Conditions and wish to proceed to the online Bidder Registration Form

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the online form, please use the link below for the pdf version and email or fax us your bidder registration. Thank You.

You may also download a pdf of the form and fax to 504.347.1522 otherwise, click link to go to online form.
If you are registering for Absentee Bidding, please download the form here.
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